[Vortex] Is there any server side event on SASL completed?

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Fri Sep 27 13:05:38 CEST 2013

I don't know why you have this question. Because sasl has its callback to verify user's username and password and realm. When you return TRUE or FALSE, that's when the sasl finish.

macromarship at gmail.com

From: Matthias Wimmer
Date: 2013-09-27 18:18
To: vortex
Subject: [Vortex] Is there any server side event on SASL completed?

I am playing with the vortex C library and like the way BEEP works very
much. One thing I could not find out yet:

Is there an event to register, that is triggered when SASL finished? On
the client side I can use the process_status callback passed to
vortex_sasl_start_auth. But I cannot find anything similar on the server



Estoy jugando con la biblioteca vortex C. Me gusta mucho el protocolo BEEP.
Pero hay una cosa que no comprendo:

Hay un evento que señala el término de SASL al lado del servidor? Al
lado del cliente puedo usar el parámetro process_status de
vortex_sasl_start_auth. Pero no encontral algo similar para el servidor.


Matthias Wimmer
Contact details:     http://matthias.wimmer.tel/

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