[Vortex] About TML/Sidex

Francis Brosnan Blazquez francis at aspl.es
Fri Feb 21 10:39:27 CET 2014

Hi there,
wobe-systems ([1]) has developed a powerful and easy to use integrated
solution to create peer to peer applications called TML/SIDEX ([2]).
TML/SIDEX is used by wobe in industrial production environments for
newspaper printing.
They are using BEEP (Vortex Library) as foundation and on top of it,
they have created a set of ready to use components that provides:
- Full peer to peer design.
- High level API to simply network communication problems.
- Thread safe & Multiplatform (Windows, Linux and MacOSX).
- Type safe datatransfer
Here you have an interesting video on how different instances are
created and connected together. 
Here's another view that shows how to create an application with a few
lines and clicks:
Nice piece of work,
Best Regards,
[1] http://www.wobe-team.com/en/index.html
[2] https://www.tml-software.com 

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