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Francis Brosnan Blázquez francis at aspl.es
Wed Jul 2 19:41:07 CEST 2014

> Hello,

Hi Jeff,

Sorry for the delay...

> I'm working on an application that currently needs to be built against
> both 32 and 64 bit Windows targets.   I was happy to get confirmation
> recently that the Vortex SDK is produced for both.  
> I've since downloaded the latest versions of both SDK's from:
> "https://code.google.com/p/vortexlibrary/downloads/list"
> There is a slight disparity in version numbers for the current w64
> build (1.1.10) vs w32 (1.1.12), which in itself is not an issue.  


> However, one battle that we can never seem to win with our product is
> that at least 3 third party packages we link against all use OpenSSL
> (ie libeay32.dll).    Anytime we update any of them, it's a horrible
> juggling act to find up to date versions of all these dependencies
> that use a similar-enough version of Libeay32.DLL to not cause
> conflicts at runtime.  Slight differences in build numbers tend to be
> fine, but the larger the gap, the more chance we start seeing missing
> symbol errors at run-time, or even linker errors depending on which of
> the various Libeay32 DLL's present actually got loaded by our process.

Did you try changing/upgrade libssl library to a newer version by just
replacing them? Did it break after that?

The OpenSSL API subset used by Vortex Library is quite common and it
works with openssl versions across different platforms with those
version differences....

> One thing I've noticed between the two Vortex Windows SDK's I mention
> above is that the w64 SDK contains Libeay32.dll vs, while the
> w64 SDK (newer version number) contains an older version.
> Both versions are quite a bit behind the more recent releases (ie
> current GDAL binaries we are using link against Libeay32.dll
> v1.0.1.7).
> Is there any way we can get Vortex w32 and w64 SDK's that use the same
> version of OpenSSL, and using a more recent version, such as

Ok, this is obvious, but the best way is to grab source code from SVN or
latest tar.gz and have them compiled with your current compiler. That
way you don't have to depend on us releasing next stable release and/or
producing those SDK installer plus the fact that debugging and binary
output will match perfectly the entire product (without mentioning
you'll be able to better control OpenSSL versions).

Best Regards,

> Thanks very much,
> Jeff
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