[Axl] Axl 0.2.5 is available to download!

Francis Brosnan Blazquez francis at aspl.es
Mon Oct 9 08:11:11 CEST 2006

          # Axl Library release note: 0.2.5 #

Advanced Software Production Line is proud to announce a new Axl
Library release.

Axl Library is an small and efficient XML toolkit, that will allow you
to produce efficient and clear code that interfaces with XML data.

The library was produced to support XML requirements needed by
software developed by Advanced Software Production Line, S.L. 

At this moment the library is being used by Vortex Library and

   Axl Homepage
   [ http://xml.aspl.es ]

   Vortex Library Homepage
   [ http://vortex.aspl.es ]

   Af-Arch Homepage
   [ http://fact.aspl.es ]

   Advanced Software Production Line, S.L.
   [ http://www.aspl.es ]

   Memory report
   [ http://xml.aspl.es/memory.0.2.5.html ]

This release in short

  API improve: many new functions have been added and bug fixes. This
  new release comes with a complete support to inspect xml document
  that mix nodes, comments, content, process instructions, etc.

  Library performance has been updated. See memory report.

Thanks to

  Pascal (elconio at commonworld.info) for reporting and solving
  collition value found while compiling vortex library using axl and

  Milton Yates for reporting and fixing _GNU_SOURCE declaration
  problem at axl_decl.h.

Changes from previous release 0.2.4

* [fix] fixing a bug inside axl_doc_dump function. Updated test13.xml
  file to include a valid document ¿?.

* [fix] Fixed _GNU_SOURCE declaration, that could be already
  defined. (Milton Yates patch).

* [fix] updated axl_return_val_if_fail and axl_return_if_fail to also
  include information from the function that has failed.

* [fix] fixing references to .xdl files used by axl test.

* [new] adding a new function to the axl stream API:
   - axl_stream_strdup_printfv

* [new] Adding new definitions __AXL_LINE__ and __AXL_FILE__ which are
  used by axl_return_val_if_fail and axl_return_if_fail to point where
  is being reported the log (file and line).

* [fix] making axl_strdup to flag its parameter as const.

* [new] Adding two new definitions: false and true, which both bounds
  to (0) and (1) if not defined.

* [fix] updating the library API to remove all references to aboolean
  replaced with bool.

* [fix] updated library documentation, exposing hide API to the
  documentation, updated manual.

* [new] adding a new function which allows to perform xml document
  iterations, that can be configurable. API added:

    - axl_doc_iterate (func)
    - AxlIterationMode (enum)
    - AxlIterationFunc (handler)

* [new] adding a new function which allows to copy an axlList
  reference, keeping current configuration. Also added a function that
  allows adding items to the list by passing the configuration. API

    - axl_list_copy (func)
    - AxlDuplicateFunc (handler)
    - axl_list_prepend (func)

* [fix] Adding support to produce the windows export file
  (libaxl.def). Updating Makefile.am and included initial version.

* [new] Updated Makefile.win to also produce a libaxl.lib, libaxl.exp
  and libaxl.def files.

* [fix] Replacing all instances for AXL_FALSE and AXL_TRUE with false
  and true and flagging previous values to be deprecated.

* [new] starting work in progress DTD support for <!ATTLIST element.

* [new] updated test files to include test reference used for
  improvements (test_01a). Added a new test to check entity
  declaration support (test_18).

* [new] added initial support for a node factory which will
  allow to reduce the memory footprint. 

* [new] added initial DTD <!ENTITY support to axl dtd module.
  Now it is supported general entities and parameter entities.
  API added:
    - axl_dtd_entity_exists
    - axl_dtd_entity_value

* [fix] removing boolean type definition from axl declaration
  module. This fixes a collition value found while compiling vortex
  library using axl and OpenSSL.  (Bug reported and solved by Pascal
  elconio at commonworld.info).

* [fix] removing all node factory stuff. Experimental results shows
  that its far more inefficient than relying on the system memory
  allocator. Improvement won't come from here.

* [fix] performed several updates that have decreased snapshot avg time
  for the reference test test_01a from 0.179ms to 0.149ms.

* [fix] more internal updates to improve axl library
  performance. Committing changes that reduce avg execution time for the
  reference test: test_01a from 0.150ms to 0.1.28ms. Added a new test
  test_02a and started improvement for DTD validation code.

* [fix] reimplemented axl_cmp to be more efficient than previous
  version .

* [new] adding new function the the axl list API:

  - axl_list_append (adds nodes to the end of the list without taking
                     into consideration the list configuration).

  - axl_list_lookup (allows to perform look ups over the list
                     providing a pointer).

  - axlLookupFunc (function used by axl_list_lookup function to notify
                     nodes found).

* [fix] started a work in progress indexer (for content parsed inside
  the axlStream).

* [fix] more updates for the axl stream indexer.

* [fix] Removed all axl stream indexer code. After implementing it, it
  turns out that is not enough efficient to over exceed performance of
  the current streaming implemented plus it was consuming a lot of
  memory degrading the first Axl Library's feature.

* [fix] However, due to this work it was exposed that memcmp is not
  enough efficient in the sense required by Axl Library so, before
  implementing an more suited version for Axl the time for the test
  reference (test_01a) has been reduced from 0.121ms to 0.086ms!!!!
  Some other minor modifications has been applied to avoid calling to
  many times to several functions. API added.
    - axl_memcmp

* [fix] rewritten axl_stream_inspect_common as a macro. Now, reference
  test (test_01a) executes in 0.82ms (from 0.86ms).

* [new] Added a hash implementation to the axl library API. The
  following elements has been defined:
    - axl_hash_new
    - axl_hash_new
    - axl_hash_equal_string
    - axl_hash_insert
    - axl_hash_insert_full
    - axl_hash_remove
    - axl_hash_get
    - axl_hash_items
    - axl_hash_free

* [new] Added new test file to check hash function and compare its
  performance against the axlList implementation: test_03 and
  test_03a. Initial results:

    - list: 444 different items 456000 lookups in [0m2.907s]
    - hash: 444 different items 456000 lookups in [0m0.105s]

* [new] Added user defined data associated (anotated data) to the axl
  node module allowing developers to store data associated to XML
  nodes that is not visible from XML perspective. API added:

    - axl_node_anotate_data
    - axl_node_anotate_data_full 
    - axl_node_anotate_get

* [fix] Making axl node content to be optional in an independent
  internal reference reducing the memory used by axlNode items that
  don't have content. Removed internal attribute have_childs and
  is_empty. Reimplemented axl_node internals to conform to this

* [fix] Making axl_node_set_is_empty function to clear the node
  content when it is called.

* [fix] Updated test_01 (main regression test) to check
  axl_node_get_content, get_content_copy, get_content_trans and
  get_content_trim to conform the documentation checking its behavior
  (fixed some bugs on the way).

* [new] added a new function to the hash API that allows to check for
  a key to be already added. API added:

    - axl_hash_exists

* [fix] Fixed a bug at the axl_hash_remove function (wrong parameter
  spec), making axl_hash_free to not perform any operation if a null
  value is received (without logging a critical) and updated
  documentation for axl_node_get_content function.

* [new] added reference test to check functionality with previous hash
  used (GHashTable).

* [new] Added support to the hash table for a foreach operation that
  allows to iterate all elements inside a selected hash table. API

   - axl_hash_foreach (function)
   - axlHashForeachFunc (callback function).

* [fix] Fixing a bug which was causing to not check memory boundary
  while calling to axl_stream_get_until function make the function to
  traverse memory to owned/allocated.  Added regression test to check

* [fix] Making axl_stream_get_untilv_wide to use variable from the
  object instead of parameter activated values, reducing reference
  test_01a to executed in 0.081ms stable.

* [new] Added two new functions to the axl node API to allow get the
  first child and the last child. API added:

   - axl_node_get_first_child
   - axl_node_get_last_child

* [fix] reimplemented internal axl_doc_iterate to conform the new

* [new] extending axl hash module API to include a foreach support for
  two user defined pointers. Added callback definition for the new
  foreach function.  Added a new constructor to allow configure the
  hash table step (how many slots) are allocated by the hash table
  each time it has to be resized. API added:

   - axl_hash_foreach2 
   - axlHashForeachFunc2 (handler)
   - axl_hash_new_full

* [fix] Reimplemented axl node internals to use a hash table to store
  attribute/value for nodes instead of a list. This has helped to
  reduce memory allocated from 2,197,204 bytes to 1,605,211.

* [fix] Reimplemented axl node internals to store childs as directly
  connected nodes replacing previously used list. Moved test_01a
  reference test to execute in an stable 0.077ms.

* [new] Added two new functions to the axl stream API to allow parsing
  strings that are ended by a null character but not by one of the
  provided terminators.  Added regression test to check the
  functionality. API added:
     - axl_stream_get_until_zero
     - axl_stream_get_until_ref_zero

* [new] Updating API and internal implementation to support getting
  previous node to a node selected inside the context of a xml
  document. API added:
    - axl_node_get_previous

* [new] Updated axl node API to include support for removing a node
  already included inside an xml document and replacing that node with
  another xml node reference. API added:
    - axl_node_remove
    - axl_node_replace

* [new] updated internal axl doc implementation to support pretty
  print dumping. API added:
    - axl_doc_dump_pretty

* [fix] Updated axl stack implementation to not use axlList as base
  support.  Replaced previous implementation with a taylor made data
  structure that is more memory efficient.

* [new] Added a foreach function to the axl stack API, allowing to
  traverse the stack in the order items were added. API added:

   - axl_stack_foreach
   - axlStackForeach2 (handler)

* [new] Updated axl_doc_iterate API to return the iteration status
  value received from the axlIterationFunc. Added new api to perform
  the iteration providing two user defined pointers that are passed in
  to the foreach func. Added also a new api to allow perform a
  iteration operation starting from a selected node.  API added:

   - axl_doc_iterate_full
   - axlIterationFunc2 (handler)
   - axl_doc_iterate_full_from

* [new] Updated axl list api to include a function to insert items at
  a provided position moving items already stored. API added:
   - axl_list_add_at

* [fix] Performed study to measure current collision stats, empty
  slots produced and hashing timing for the current hash
  implementation based on the red dragon book and the string hashing
  proposed by Ramakrisna-Zobel which they claim to be the fastest
  hashing function. Experimental results shows that red dragon hashing
  function works better in all aspects. Added api to show current hash

   - axl_hash_show_status

* [fix] updating main regression test file (test_01) to include test
  for all API added: node removing/replacing, xml document pretty
  printing functions, xml document iteration. Updated test_02 for API
  updated at axl list, stack foreach functions. (added xml files used
  by those tests).

* [fix] making axl_doc_iteration_common function (axl_doc_iterate and
  others) to to notify the user space the node found at the end of the
  iteration (after updating references, and getting next nodes to
  process) allow to deallocate nodes at the function notification
  (makes valgrind to be happy).

* [fix] making __axl_list_get_next_node_available to clear node
  information once returned from the function.

* [new] Extended axl hash API to include two new foreach function to
  support three and four user defined parameters to be passed in to
  the foreach function. Added a function to allow performing a copy of
  a hash provided.

    - axl_hash_foreach3
    - axlHashForeachFunc3 (handler)

    - axl_hash_foreach4 
    - axlHashForeachFunc4 (handler)

    - axl_hash_copy
    - axlHashItemCopy (handler)

* [fix] updated axl hash test module to include test for latest
  functions added at the axl hash module.

* [new] Added a function to perform node copy provided a source node,
  allowing to control if attribute or childs could be copied.

   - axl_node_copy

* [new] Added new definitions to allow converting a pointer into a
  integer and a integer into a pointer:


* [fix] added a new test to check axl_node_copy function (test_20) and
  added some checks for new APIs inside axl node.

* [new] Added new functions to get the next called and previous called
  inside the axl node module. API added:
   - axl_node_get_next_called
   - axl_node_get_previous_called

* [fix] fixed axl annotation api (init hash was failing). Added
  regression test for this. Updated API to not include searching
  inside the axl doc.

* [fix] freeing annotated data associated to the node and extending a
  bit more test_20 (test reference test_01).

* [fix] updated NODE_CMP_NAME documentation to use true and false as
  default values for comparisons.

* [new] Added an internal macro def to detect the os being
  compiled. Macros added:

   - __AXL_WIN32__
   - __AXL_POSIX__

* [fix] moved axl_cmp, axl_strdup and axl_memcmp to the stream
  module. Renamed module documentation title to include a reference to
  the string functions.

* [fix] Updated axl doc dumping function to use \n on unix platform
  and \r\n on win32 platforms.

* [fix] fixing bug inside axl_hash_copy (it wasn't checking if the
  table was storing more nodes at the given position before inserting
  them into the hash table.

* [new] Making a documentation separation from those function used by
  the axl stream to perform streaming and those ones used to string

* [fix] Updated axl doc iteration API to allow removing nodes from
  inside the foreach notification process. Now handlers used for such
  process are update with one boolean variable that allows to notify
  that the node was removed.  API changed:
      - axlDocIterateFunc
      - axlDocIterateFunc2

  Updated documentation and examples to explain how to use this new
  variable.  Updated reference test.

* [fix] moving axl_strdup_printf and axl_strdup_printfv macro
  declarations to axl_stream header, inside axl string module section.

* [fix] fixed a bug inside axl_stream_get_untilv_wide which was
  causing to read one byte outside stream memory (before the stream
  begins in memory) on pre-buffer operations.

* [fix] fixed a bug inside axl_stream_remains which was causing to not
  properly check for the last byte to be consumed.

* [new] Added a new function to check for axlError reference to be
  filled and added documentation to explain the API. API added:
    - axl_error_was_ok
  Added regression test to check this new API.

* [fix] fixed a bug inside axl_stream_get_following which was causing
  to continue normal operations when the stream is exhausted, causing
  a seg fault.

* [fix] fixed axl_error_new to check axl_stream_get_following value
  before producing the error message.

* [new] Adding new API to allow performing a foreach function for a
  provided stack configuring three user defined pointers. API added:

   - axl_stack_foreach3
   - axlStackForeach3 (handler)

* [fix] fixing a bug inside the axl hash module that was causing to
  not replace previously stored values in the hash, inserting new ones
  at the begin. This was making to get unpredictable results on hash

* [fix] updated regression test to check this bugs.

* [fix] making axl stream to not process more items than the one
  supported at the axl_stream_get_untilv_wide
  (MAX_INSPECTED_CHUNKS). Updated minimum from 10 to 30.

* [fix] Added comment inside axl_hash_insert_full and axl_hash_insert
  to note that previous key stored are replaced if inserted twice.

* [fix] Fixed a bug inside axl_node_set_content_ref which was making
  the node content to be lost if set twice (memory leak). Added
  initial test to get support for mixed content (test_21).

* [fix] fixed a bug inside axl_node_anotate_get, which wasn't checking
  for node and key reference received.

* [fix] fixed a bug inside axl_hash_internal_lookup which wasn't
  checking for hash and key references received before operating.

* [fix] fixed the bug caused by placing a comment just before a text
  content inside a node. Added test case test_21.

* [fix] removed calls to memset inside axl_stream_prebuffer.

* [fix] making axl hash module to only include those headers used by
  the axl module, allowing to make this module to be used by other

* [new] Added support two new function to the axl hash API that allows
  to create a hash that store values using integers as keys.

* [fix] removing unnecessary includes from axl decl module.

* [fix] updated API to include some "const" declarations for those
  APIs that do not modify the incoming string.

* [fix] making axl_node_set_content to remove previous content if
  called twice.

* [fix] making dumping attributes to check if the attribute content
  has ' items so it must be enclosed with \" and viceversa.

* [new] General internal update of the axl node module to support the
  new interface that will allow get access to mixed content: nodes,
  content, CDATA, PI, entity references and comments. Added a new
  object abstraction that allows represents mentioned items in an
  abstract manner: axlItem.  API added:

   - axlItem (type)
   - AxlItemType (enum) 
   - axl_item_get_doc
   - axl_item_set_doc
   - axl_item_get_parent
   - axl_item_get_next
   - axl_item_get_previous
   - axl_item_get_type
   - axl_item_set_child

* [fix] Ensured that all test pass and no memory is lost. Change
  introduced increases a little memory consumption and it also has a
  performance impact.  Hopefully it will be reduced as more elements
  are moved to the axlItem representation.

* [new] First fully working version that support MIXED and CHILDREN
  element types, including nodes and content, keeping API
  compatibility, and providing a new API for MIXED access. More
  function added:

   - axl_item_set_child_ref
   - axl_item_copy
   - axl_item_remove
   - axl_item_replace
   - axl_item_free

   - axl_pi_copy   
   - axl_pi_get_size

* [new] More bug fixes and added additional tests to check document

* [fix] committing two new test to ensure that the parent is configured
  properly and that the copy function is running properly.

* [fix] fixing several bugs at the axl_node_copy function due to the
  new internal structure organization.

* [fix] Fixed bugs remaining on test_20b (copy and attach/deattaching

* [new] Finished initial support to get access to comments found
  inside xml documents. Updated test_21 to check this an basic parsing
  for node and content mixed.

* [new] Extended MIXED api with the following functions:
   - axl_item_node_next
   - axl_item_node_previous
   - axl_item_get_first_child
   - axl_item_get_last_child
   - axl_item_get_data 
   - axl_item_get_content

* [fix] Fixed a bug inside __axl_doc_parse_common which was causing to
  not properly update the parent node once the current xml node is

* [fix] Updated axl node documentation to make references to the new
  MIXED API. Added new function that allows to configure comments:

  - axl_node_set_comment

* [fix] Making xml comments to be dumped indented according to its
  level while using axl_doc_dump_pretty.

* [fix] fixed infinite loop in axl_node_get_content and

* [fix] making xml comments to be indented with the child nodes.

* [fix] Bug fixed at the __axl_node_get_flat_size exposed at the windows

* [fix] fixed a bug at the node dumping function caused to calculate
  more bytes to be dumped on windows than actually those required.

* [fix] More bug fixings at the axl stream prebuffer mechanism,
  exposed while working on windows.

* [new] Added a new function to the axl node which allows to transfer
  childs item (including xml nodes, comments, content, Pi targets,
  etc) from one node to another node. API added:

   - axl_node_transfer_childs

* [fix] fixed a bug inside axl_node_transfer_childs which was causing
  to not update the child node number on the transfer process.

* [fix] making axl node attribute hash initialization to be done
  directly from the attribute registering function rather than calling
  to a function.

* [new] Added new function to the axl node/item API to allow getting
  the axlItem holding a particular axlNode reference and to transfer
  all content found inside a particular node, to be placed after a
  particular item reference. API added:

    - axl_item_node_holder
    - axl_item_transfer_childs_after

* [fix] making axl node internal representation to not contain a
  direct count for the childs that are nodes for every particular
  node. This makes to be more slow the axl_node_child_num but improves
  the overall memory usage.

* [fix] Updated documentation and fixed some typo errors.

About Advanced Software Production Line, S.L.

  Advanced Software Production Line is leading the Af-Arch project: a
  complete framework to develop distributed application to manage
  enterprise process.

  Af-Arch project uses Axl library to support its XML requirements
  while exchanging data between nodes.

  Advanced Software Production Line also provides GNU/Linux support
  and consulting services to enable organization to introduce
  GNU/Linux inside its process, making other platforms to interact
  with GNU/Linux.

  Contact us, using English or Spanish, to get commercial support
  and/or XML based development services.

  You can reach us:

       http://www.aspl.es - info at aspl.es

  We hope Axl Library help you. Enjoy Axl Library!

Francis Brosnan Blázquez           - francis at aspl.es
Advanced Software Production Line  - http://www.aspl.es
9th Oct 2006, Madrid (Spain)
Francis Brosnan Blazquez <francis at aspl.es>
Advanced Software Production Line, S.L.

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