[noPoll] [ANN] noPoll 0.2.9 'Jumping Cookie' is ready!

Francis Brosnan Blázquez francis en aspl.es
Jue Mayo 7 13:44:43 CEST 2015

                 --== noPoll toolkit ==--
                      Jumping Cookie

Advanced Software Production Line is proud to announce a new stable
release of the noPoll toolkit.

noPoll is a OpenSource WebSocket implementation (RFC 6455), written in
ANSI C, that allows building pure WebSocket solutions or to provide
WebSocket support to existing TCP oriented applications.

Commercially supported, noPoll was written to have a clean, easy to
use and integrate library. It is released under the terms of LGPL 2.1
(so you can build OpenSource or commercial applications) and currently
is being heavily used by Vortex Library, Turbulence and Core-Admin to
provide WebSocket support to those projects (some of them using BEEP
over WebSocket).


   noPoll homepage
   [ http://www.aspl.es/nopoll ]

   Commercial support
   [ http://www.aspl.es/nopoll/commercial.html ]

   Advanced Software Production Line, S.L.
   [ http://www.aspl.es ]

   Featured project: Core-Admin
   [ http://www.core-admin.com ]

This release in short

    - Added additional corrections. Updated API to get notification
      when a connection is ready.

    - Updated TLS handling to report EWOULD errno when finished TLS
      handshake to better adapt application transports that expect
      that error code when NULL is returned when asking for a message.

    - Added support to set and get Cookie header set during HTTP

Changes from previous release

* [fix] Fixing some warnings produced by unused variables make nopoll
  debug is disabled.

* [fix] Some changes to compile regression-test on windows7 (64 bits).

* [fix] Added missing nopoll_conn_opts.h reference from nopoll.nsi
  (windows installer builder). Reported by Jorge Olmos.

* [fix] Updated nopoll_conn_accept implementation to be implemented
  into two reusable functions that can be called depending on the
  needs.  API update:

  - nopoll_conn_accept (accept socket and process WebSocket protocol)
  - nopoll_conn_accept_socket (just process WebSocket protocol assuming
    socket was previously accepted).

* [fix] Adding support to create centos packages for noPoll library.

* [fix] Updated certificates needed by reg test-21. Added script to
  generate certificates used by this test.

* [fix] Updated noPollConn API to allow setting an onReady handler to
  get a notification (mainly for server side) when a connection is
  ready for I/O because WebSocket handshake has finished. API added:
   - nopoll_conn_set_on_ready

* [fix] Added missing header for nopoll_conn_set_on_ready.

* [fix] Added a subtlety to report a EWOULD errno just after finished
  TLS handshake to ensure the caller can report NULL but it is not
  understood as a connection failure by an upper level API. Fixes
  MyQtt WebSocket over TLS WebSocket integration reported.

* [new] Added support to handle and set cookie configured for every
  connection. Regression test added to check this (test_24).  API

  - nopoll_conn_get_cookie
  - nopoll_conn_new_opts
  - nopoll_conn_opts_set_cookie

* [fix] Added additional regressiontest (test_25) to check cookie
  attack. Nothing was reported because the test..

About Advanced Software Production Line, S.L. (ASPL)

  Advanced Software Production Line (ASPL) provides GNU/Linux support
  and consulting services to enable organisation to introduce
  GNU/Linux into their processes, making other platforms to properly
  interact with it.

  You can contact us, using English or Spanish, at:

       http://www.aspl.es - info en aspl.es

  We hope noPoll may be useful you. Enjoy noPoll toolkit!

Francis Brosnan Blázquez           - francis en aspl.es
Advanced Software Production Line  - http://www.aspl.es
7th May 2015, Madrid (Spain)

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