[noPoll] Cookie header bug and one question

ettore.rizza ettore.rizza en flydesktop.com
Mar Mayo 19 00:11:51 CEST 2015

   I'm evaluating your library for a possible use in one of my projects.
   I spend the entire day trying to create a wss client on windows platform.
   At the end I was able to establish the connection with the server after fixing a little bug in the http header composition.
   If a cookie is present there is a wrong line ending sequence "\n\r" instead of "\r\n".
   Line 302 of nopoll_conn.c "  (opts && opts->cookie) ? "\n\r" : "",   "
   The server I was connecting to was refusing the connection with a "Bad Request" error.
   I would like to report you a problem in the nopoll-installer-0.2.9.b207-w32.exe. The libnopoll.dll depends on the missing libgcc_s_dw2.1.dll. I found this in a mingw distribution packages, so not a big problem, but I think it is good to know...
   Last info to report is about __nopoll_conn_new_common function:
   My connection is a TLS one. The connection was really unreliable and the mentioned function use to fail 8/10 times. The SS_connect was reporting a SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL with errno = 0. After adding a Sleep(10) just before the SSL_connect fixed this. I'm not sure why but now it seem ok...
   I have one question:
   I have to implement a websocket to tcp bridge.
   Is it possible to add a regular tcp socket hande in the main nopoll event loop? I would like to avoid adding an extra thread or a loop based on timeouts...
   Best Regards
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