[noPoll] [nopoll_conn_new_opts method missing, and error 57]

abdelhakimyouness elbakkali abdelhakimyouness.elbakkali en epitech.eu
Mar Mayo 26 13:59:04 CEST 2015


my name is Hakim i'am a C developper and I'am trying to build a open source Cometd Library for C developers, to be able to run a client under barely any given device.

I manage to complete the handshake and data transfer with the longPolling technique, the next step is logically to give the option to the user to choose a Websocket connection.

To ease up the work I decided to use a library for that, I again fetched the internet and found two really relevant libraries:

  *   The WSlay<http://wslay.sourceforge.net/> library, which seems to work well but doesn't run under OSX due to the epoll.h include which is not supported by apple.

  *   The NoPoll<http://www.aspl.es/nopoll/> library, which I think is the best one to use.

The problem is that I can't make it perform right, I always get a failed connections with the error number 57 :

- Failed to send websocket init message, error code was: 57 (2), closing session

The thing is that i don't know what is an error 57, but i suspect that the header is not complete for the server that i use (amazon ec2).

So i read the complete documentation and bumped into this method :

noPollconn* nopoll_conn_new_opts(ctx, opts, host_ip, host_port, host_name...);

But when i try to use it i get a missing method error.

Am i supposed to use another method, or maybe somebody have already had this kind of problem.

Any help will be much appreciated as it will help me finalising the library :).

Thank you for your time and have a great day :).
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