[noPoll] [nopoll_conn_new_opts method missing, and error 57]

Francis Brosnan Blázquez francis en aspl.es
Mar Mayo 26 17:30:04 CEST 2015

Hi Hakim,

Not sure why are you getting that error. Possibly, you can use strerror
(errno) to
get the textual error that is behind that 57 error code.  Certainly, the
error is happening
because you are not able to send that content or because the remote
server is 
rejecting the content received...

Do you have a test case that can be run to reproduce the code? 

About the missing method nopoll_conn_new_opts, what is the exact error
are getting? Which compiler? 

Best Regards,

> Hi,
> my name is Hakim i'am a C developper and I'am trying to build a open
> source Cometd Library for C developers, to be able to run a client
> under barely any given device.
> I manage to complete the handshake and data transfer with the
> longPolling technique, the next step is logically to give the option
> to the user to choose a Websocket connection. 
> To ease up the work I decided to use a library for that, I again
> fetched the internet and found two really relevant libraries:
> The WSlay library, which seems to work well but doesn't run under OSX
> due to the epoll.h include which is not supported by apple. 
> The NoPoll library, which I think is the best one to use.
> The problem is that I can't make it perform right, I always get a
> failed connections with the error number 57 :   
> - Failed to send websocket init message, error code was: 57 (2),
> closing session
> The thing is that i don't know what is an error 57, but i suspect that
> the header is not complete for the server that i use (amazon ec2).
> So i read the complete documentation and bumped into this method :
> noPollconn* nopoll_conn_new_opts(ctx, opts, host_ip, host_port,
> host_name...);
> But when i try to use it i get a missing method error.
> Am i supposed to use another method, or maybe somebody have already
> had this kind of problem.
> Any help will be much appreciated as it will help me finalising the
> library :).
> Thank you for your time and have a great day :).
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