[noPoll] Issue with using "protocols" field from the client

Kale, Rahul Rahul.Kale en barco.com
Mar Mayo 26 21:07:40 CEST 2015


After struggling with libwebsocket library for some days I switched to using the noPoll
library. So far things are going really well except I faced one issue very early on:

I am using the library to make a client connection to a websocket server.
After connecting to a websocket server, the connection is rejected. I see the following error
after enabling debug log.

(proc 23267): (critical) nopoll_conn.c:1858 (nopoll_conn_check_mime_header_repeated)
Provided header Sec-WebSocket-Protocol twice, closing connection

The code is using the API somewhat like this:

noPollConn * connection  = nopoll_conn_new(m_pContext, "", "8080", NULL,
                "/", "some-protocol", "some-origin");

Note that we are setting the "protocols" parameter. It seems the server responds with the
same protocol string set in the header for Sec-WebSocket-Protocol
but the library rejects this for some reason and closes the connection.

I am not sure if I am doing something wrong in how the library is used
or there is some other problem. Please advise.
According to the specification the client can send a list of supported protocols
and the server can respond with a subset. In our case we only need to use one protocol.

Anyway, after modifying the library (see below) I was able to make progress
with our implementation and have not seen any other issue yet.

To 'fix' the above issue I had to comment out two lines at line 2192 in nopoll_conn.c:

#if 0
        if (nopoll_conn_check_mime_header_repeated (conn, header, value, "Sec-WebSocket-Protocol", conn->protocols))
                return 0;

Also I had to later fix an associated memory leak:

else if (strcasecmp (header, "Sec-Websocket-Protocol") == 0) {
        nopoll_free (conn->protocols);
        conn->protocols = value;

This may not be the correct fix but allowed me to proceed with the rest of
the implementation.



Rahul Kale

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