[Vortex] Can both peers on a channel send msgs to each other whenever they want?

Francis Brosnan Blazquez francis at aspl.es
Tue Apr 11 10:07:32 CEST 2006

El lun, 10-04-2006 a las 13:58 -0700, Sam Roberts escribió:

Hi Sam,

> I understand that msgs are delivered in sequence, and that replies
> must
> be delivered in sequence, and that a MSG should not be used in place
> of
> a reply/error/answer sequence, but...
> Can A create a channel to B, and can A and B both send a MSG anytime
> they want?

Sure, but, it is not required to create two channels. 

The "no new MSG until the previous RPY/ERR/ANS received" restriction
only applies to one way for the channel. 

This means that, over the same channel, you can have A sending messages
(MSG) to B, and B sending messages (MSG) to A in an independent manner. 

Under this situation, A could sends new MSG to B as long as B replies to
them (RPY/ANS/ERR), and, independenly, the same applies to the messages
new messages sent from B to A.

> I've a protocol with two peers, that asynchronously send single
> messages
> to each other. Currently, they are unacked.


Knowing this, and taking into account that, under BEEP, every message
must be acked, you can send a RPY message just received the MSG
containing your single message.

> By the way, looks like a great toolkit! I'm really impressed, and
> looking forward to using it.

Thanks Sam!

> Thanks,
> Sam

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