[Vortex] [ANN] Vortex Library 0.8.11 is ready!

Francis Brosnan Blazquez francis at aspl.es
Fri Apr 28 16:56:57 CEST 2006

       ## Vortex Library 0.8.11 Stable Release  ##

Release note

  Advanced Software Production Line is proud to announce the Vortex
  Library 0.8.11 availability: an open source "BEEP Core" protocol
  implementation written in C, mapped onto TCP/IP.

  Vortex Library has been developed inside the Af-Arch project as its
  data transport layer.

  Vortex Library is a stable and robust application protocol
  development toolkit. Currently it is running under Microsoft Windows
  and GNU/Linux platforms.

  Check out the following links to get ready with Vortex Library:

    - http://vortex.aspl.es 
      [Vortex Library homepage]
    - http://www.sf.net/projects/vortexlibrary
      [Sources and Win32 binaries]

    - http://fact.aspl.es
      [Af-Arch homepage where Vortex Library is being developed]

    - http://www.beepcore.org
      [BEEP Core community web site]

    - http://xml.aspl.es
      [Axl Library, XML 1.0 implementation]
The release in short

  A new library have been developed to disable LibXML-2.0 dependency:
  Axl Library. Now Vortex Library have its own XML toolkit enabling to
  produce better tailored XML solutions, especially, those profiles
  that requires XML for its function.

  A complete XML-RPC profile implementation have been added.

Changes since 0.8.11

* [fix] fixing vortex-client tool, under some circumstances, while
  providing uri data for the host to connect to, it generates NULL
  strings that are not properly implemented by windows printf
  implementation. Ensuring that this function don't receive a NULL

* [fix] making vortex greetings module to now show SASL family
  profiles for those connections that are already authenticated, even
  if a TLS profiles have required to show again greetings message.

* [fix] adding a new internal function, to the vortex connection
  module, which implements previous functionality for
  vortex_connection_new_empty but also adds supports to create new
  connection objects keeping user data intact. API added:
    - vortex_connection_new_empty_from_connection. 

* [fix] adding a new internal function, to the vortex connection
  module, to allow configuring current profile list. (use intended for
  profiles implementors which wants to filter current profile list for
  a particule connection). API added:

    - vortex_connection_set_remote_profiles

* [fix] fixing a bug inside the TLS process which was making to not
  release previous connection object. It was also loosing all
  information previously stored on the connection, previous to the

* [fix] making vortex sasl module to filter current profiles available
  for a connection which has been SASL-fixated. Because the SASL
  process, only involving authentication, doesn't requires to perform
  a connection reset, a new greeting message is not sent, making
  profile list available to be not updated. Now, the SASL module
  updates this after a successful negotiation.

* [fix] Finally, after on month of hard work, Libvortex now uses its
  own XML 1.0 library called: LibAXL. This library will serve as a
  fundation not only to vortex library internals but also to support
  the whole Af-Arch project for its XML functions.  Great, Great,

* [fix] Updating Vortex Library code to remove libxml-2.0 dependency
  (source code and config files).

* [fix] removing references to the libxml-2.0 library and replacing it
  with the new xml implementation (libaxl).

* [fix] added support to properly stop every vortex subsystem,
  deallocating all resources used. Making an internal API to be public
  available to enable software developers to stop vortex library from
  a signal handler (while developing listeners).
     - vortex_listener_unlock.

* [fix] fixed a critical bug introduced on previous changes (it was
  trying to deallocate more elements than the available, while
  processing the start message.

* [fix] updated vortex-client tool to include a general XML-RPC
  invocator system, allowing to test XML-RPC methods that receives and
  returns simple parameters (int, string, boolean, double..).

* [fix] making all comments inside the vortex-client tool to use ANSI
  spec (/*..*/)

* [fix] fixed a memory leak inside vortex-client tool which was
  causing to not release memory allocated for host and port data on
  connection errors.

* [new] initial XML-RPC profile implementation finished. It supports
  all invocation types, exluding dateTime value and the array
  type. Great!!

* [new] added new function to create a new XmlRpcMethodValue using
  strings for the type spec and its value. API added:
    - vortex_xml_rpc_method_value_new_from_string2

* [new] added new functions to get the value inside the
  XmlRpcMethodValue in the native from (int, boolean, strings..). API

    - vortex_xml_rpc_method_value_get_as_string
    - vortex_xml_rpc_method_value_get_as_double
    - vortex_xml_rpc_method_value_get_as_struct
    - vortex_xml_rpc_method_value_get_as_array

* [new] added a new function to enable user space to get the
  XmlRpcMethodValue isnide a XmlRpcMethodResponse function. API added:
    - vortex_xml_rpc_method_response_get_value

* [new] added complete support for XmlRpcStruct (XML-RPC <struct>
  construction). Now the vortex XML-RPC implementation is able to
  parse <struct> constructions. API added:

    - vortex_xml_rpc_struct_new
    - vortex_xml_rpc_struct_member_new
    - vortex_xml_rpc_struct_add_member
    - vortex_xml_rpc_struct_get_member_value_as_int
    - vortex_xml_rpc_struct_get_member_value_as_string
    - vortex_xml_rpc_struct_get_member_value_as_double
    - vortex_xml_rpc_struct_get_member_value_as_struct
    - vortex_xml_rpc_struct_get_member_value_as_array
    - vortex_xml_rpc_struct_free
    - vortex_xml_rpc_struct_member_free
* [new] added a new XmlRpcStatus code to represent that a fault reply
  was received. API added:


* [fix] added a properly support to stop the vortex reader, blocking
  the caller until that operations are done.

* [fix] making vortex listener module to lock and nullify the vortex
  listener lock queue when the vortex listener bind operation has

* [new] added initial proposals for the XDL and IDL files to support
  XML-RPC stub and server generation. (doc/xml-rpc-gen.xdl and

* [fix] updating XML-RPC documentation. Added an especific manual for
  this topic.

* [fix] adding to the vortex main test the ability to launch a
  listener that is watching on two ports. Adding more documentation to
  the vortex_listener_new to explain these situations.

* [new] making some internal functions from the vortex connection,
  related to the ability to handle free value and free key at the
  vortex_connection_set_data_full to enable vortex channel module to
  have the same interface, reusing the same code. Added new API to
  vortex channel module that uses previous function exposed, allowing
  the vortex channel module to have a function that is able to store
  data that is deallocated with the handlers provided:

   - vortex_channel_set_data_full

* [new] adding a new function to the xml-rpc API to get the resource
  that was used to boot the channel. API added:

   - vortex_xml_rpc_channel_get_resource

* [new] added a complete XML-RPC manual, explaining all basic concepts
  required to produce XML-RPC applications on top of Vortex.

* [fix] adding draft that describes the XML-RPC protocol compiler.

* [new] adding initial infrastructure to produce the XML-RPC protocol
  compiler under the directory xml-rpc-gen. Added initial files, test
  and DTD defined at the draft.

* [fix] adding more new options to the configure.ac and related
  Makefile.am files to enable/disable compiling the xml-rpc protocol

* [fix] adding more updates to the XML-RPC definition language draft.

* [fix] making XmlRpcMethodCall object to be deallocated by the Vortex
  XML-RPC engine when an invocation is performed by default. Updated
  documentation to report about this behavour and how it could be

* [fix] updated vortex-client tool to not free the method call object
  for the "new invoke" comment.

* [fix] adding missing C macros at the vortex xml rpc types API.

   - method_value_get_as_string
   - method_value_get_as_double
   - method_value_get_as_struct
   - method_value_get_as_array
   - method_response_get_value

* [new] adding new high level XML-RPC response notifier according to
  the return type. Added a copy:

   - XmlRpcProcessInt
   - XmlRpcProcessString
   - XmlRpcProcessDouble
   - XmlRpcProcessStruct
   - XmlRpcProcessArray

* [new] adding new higher level unmarshallers used by the new
  xml-rpc-gen protocol compiler. API added:
   - vortex_xml_rpc_unmarshall_int
   - vortex_xml_rpc_unmarshall_string
   - vortex_xml_rpc_unmarshall_double
   - vortex_xml_rpc_unmarshall_struct
   - vortex_xml_rpc_unmarshall_array

* [new] added to the xml-rpc-gen tool a new module with common API to
  handle files, directories and content dumping. API added:

   - xml_rpc_support_create_dir
   - xml_rpc_support_open_file
   - xml_gen_support_close_file
   - xml_rpc_support_error
   - xml_rpc_support_move_file
   - xml_rpc_support_push_indent
   - xml_rpc_support_pop_indent
   - xml_rpc_support_write
   - xml_rpc_support_multiple_write
   - xml_rpc_support_sl_write

* [fix] updated XML-RPC definition language draft to include following
  changes: added support to give a name to the XML-RPC component and
  updated DTD definition to make optional the user optional code
  production (<!ELEMENT code..>).

* [new] adding a new set of unmarshallers function for the synchornous
  API that is being provided by the xml-rpc-gen tool.

   - vortex_xml_rpc_unmarshall_int_sync
   - vortex_xml_rpc_unmarshall_double_sync
   - vortex_xml_rpc_unmarshall_string_sync
   - vortex_xml_rpc_unmarshall_struct_sync
   - vortex_xml_rpc_unmarshall_array_sync

* [fix] updated main documentation, fixing typo errors.

* [fix] the xml-rpc-gen tool new generates the XML-RPC header file
  completely. An partially the body one.

* [fix] completed first C stub generation performed by xml-rpc-gen
  tool that compiles. Great!

* [new] adding support to the xml-rpc-gen tool to build autoconf files
  and pkg-config support for products built.

* [new] adding to new support functions to report messages and to make
  a selected file to be executable:

   - xml_rpc_report
   - xml_rpc_support_make_executable

* [new] adding new option to the xml-rpc-gen compiler to enable
  developers to disable autoconf building support.

* [new] uploading initial XML-RPC server code generation for
  xml-rpc-gen tool.  Now, the xml-rpc-gen tool generates the main
  module with all includes.  Added a new function to allow reading the
  listener configuration. API added:
   - vortex_xml_rpc_listener_parse_conf_and_start_listeners
About Us

  Advanced Software Production Line is leading the Af-Arch project: a
  complete framework to develop distributed application to manage
  enterprise process.

  Af-Arch project relies on Vortex Library to exchange data between
  its distributed nodes.

  Advanced Software Production Line also provides GNU/Linux support
  and consulting services on how organization can introduce GNU/Linux
  inside its process, making other platforms to interact with

  Contact us, using English or Spanish, to get commercial support
  and/or BEEP based development services.

  You can reach us:

       http://www.aspl.es - info at aspl.es

  We hope Vortex Library help you. Enjoy Vortex Library!  

Francis Brosnan Blázquez           - francis at aspl.es
Advanced Software Production Line  - http://www.aspl.es
28th Apr 2006, Madrid (Spain)

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