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Francis Brosnan Blazquez francis at aspl.es
Mon May 8 16:34:24 CEST 2006

El lun, 08-05-2006 a las 10:17 +0000, Joe Dalton escribió:
> Hi,

Hi Joe!

> I downloaded the Windows binary distribution of this great library to give it a try, and I found some issues:
> - The installer lacks one OpenSSL library (easy to fix!)

Thanks for reporting. I've created a new package including the missing
dll. It is also included some test files (a private key and a
certificate that were also missing) to make the vortex-tls-listener to

The new installer is: vortex-installer-w32-0.8.11-1.exe

> - Running the OMR server and the Vortex-Client tool will crash in the following scenario:
>   * Start the server
>   * start the client tool
>   * conect to the server
>   * create a new channel
>   * send a message and answer yes when asked for replies
> The 10 replies (ANS) and the NUL are received, but the client will hang and after a while will crash.

I see.

> Based on this, I decided to check out the code to try to understand the root cause of the problem.
> My current underatnding is that VORTEX_FRAME_TYPE_NUL are not properly processed in vortex-reader.c
> The Reader will wait for ever in the asynchronous queue until the timeout expires (100s I think), when in fact
> the NUL message has been received and forwarded to the handler. 
> I haven't investigate further (this is just a few hours playing with this).
> One final question, is based on the fact that ANS messages are processed through a queue, how are processed unordered received ANS/NUL?

The "wait reply" method can only be used with one-to-one exchanges:
MSG/RPY and MSG/ERR.  Because inside the vortex-client tool it is not
possible to know which is the type of reply to be received, it is
allowed to select the wait reply method, even knowing it is not going to
work. This is for debuging purposes.

About your question. We have to consider the following issues while
using the wait reply:

1) It is mainly defined to support internal functions, like creating a
channel, which requires to wait for a especific message number to be
received, without interfering other exchanges taking place in the same

In fact, the "wait reply" method was an internal mechanism that later
was promoted to be public to support profiles implemented on top of
Vortex Library.

2) If you are looking for a general mechanism to serialize all messages
received, making all frames received to be processed sequentially it is
strongly recommend to not use the wait reply but the following two

 - vortex_channel_queue_reply [1]
 - vortex_channel_get_reply [2]

Function documentation for both have examples and a long explanation on
how to use it.

3) Frames couldn't be received in an unordered way under BEEP. However,
I've observed that the ANS frames, though received in an ordered way at
the vortex reader, are being delivered in an unordered way to the frame
received. Let us to check this to give you a more acurate answer.

Good day Joe!


> Best Regards,
> Joe.
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