[Vortex] Anybody have binding of vortex into Lua?

Francis Brosnan Blazquez francis at aspl.es
Fri Sep 22 19:10:16 CEST 2006

El vie, 22-09-2006 a las 09:36 -0700, Sam Roberts escribió:

Hi Sam,

> Good language, and can support threads well, unlike most dynamic
> languages, and designed to be extensible with C.

Good. I've been looking into the examples and the WorkShop [1] they have
done and looks really nice!

> I like vortex, and I'm hoping to use it in upcoming projects, but its
> use of threading makes it impossible to bind into ruby [*], which
> would
> be my language of choice.

Not impossible, at least, not directly ;-)

You can always make the asynchrouns API to be behave synchronously,
which is the way we use vortex library inside our C# applications. 

In fact, most of the API is dual (i.e: vortex_connection_new and
vortex_channel_new don't create threads if no notification handler is

Then you can use vortex_channel_get_reply [2] to make the frame
reception to be synchrnouns (no threads created inside vortex will get
inside the ruby runtime), allowing the binding to get the next frame
received on a particular channel.

A more evolved approach could be trying to integrate the Vortex into the
ruby event loop which I don't know if it would be possible [3].

Knowing this, will be this enough to try a ruby binding for Vortex and
build that chat application with ruby? 

Let us to know your thoughts,


[1] http://www.daanschar.com/lua/
[3] I do believe it is possible, there is no strong reason that could
point us that wouldn't be possible.

> Sam
> *
> Q: What is ruby?
> A: http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/ 
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