[Vortex] [PATCH] fix vortex threads and vortex_exit

Benoit Amiaux b.amiaux at ateme.com
Mon Dec 10 14:42:27 CET 2007


Francis Brosnan Blazquez wrote:
> Fantastic Amiaux. I've applied the patch against the current latest
> stable svn [1], rev 3171. Also checked regression test runs properly. 

Please note that this patch only work if the axl list implementation is 
also fixed. Currently, when axl_list_always_return_1 is used as the 
equal function (and that's what the thread pool use), axl_list_remove is 
unable to remove any item, and so unable to call the release function on 
list nodes (and so threads never get released).

Furthermore, the thread patch I gave previously was missing a 
pthread_attr_destroy. I attached a patch against svn trunk for it.

> Hi Amiaux
Minor nitpick, but I believe you want to say "Hi Benoit" instead ;)

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