[Vortex] VortexOnFrameReceived handler timeout?

Yourch, Chris chris at replicus.com
Fri Oct 12 18:52:54 CEST 2007

I notice that the default value returned from
vortex_thread_pool_get_num() is 5. Is this enough?

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Hi Chris,

> How soon does a reply need to be sent after a message is received in a
> VortexOnFrameReceived handler?  

..depends on your needs..

> Can I block as long as I want?  

.. sure, but keeping in mind the following ..

> If not,
> what is the timeout value?

I think it is more a thread limit than a time one (assuming that the
side is waiting for the reply isn't implementing a timeout).

You can keep working inside the frame received handler as long as you
want and the vortex engine will keep working, however...all real working
threads executing your frame received handler will be exhausted soon if
no thread is available to process messages received. 

If such situation is reached, all messages are "queued" until a thread
(from the thread pool [1]) is available to process all pending work.


[1] vortex_thread_pool_get_num.

> Thanks!
> Chris

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