[Vortex] More strange behavior during MSG/ANS pattern

Francis Brosnan Blazquez francis at aspl.es
Fri Oct 26 10:36:34 CEST 2007

Hi Chris,

> It is confirmed. There is a bug inside the vortex engine causing to
> produce fault frames while using the ANS/NUL pattern. It is weird
> because regression tests are properly executed (without valgrind
> exection). Even the following test [1] and [2] and properly executed
> but, executed from different hosts (not localhost), produces the wrong
> frame.

This bug is now solved. Try to download and replace the following file
inside vortex code [1] you are using. The patch is now integrated into
the SVN and will be released in the next stable version.

The bug was caused by a not proper detection of a previous internal
fragmented frame, due to a wrong check, which fails if the first octet
of the previous frame fragment received has a binary value equal to 0.

The reason that was causing regression test to not detect this issue is
that local connections never gets fragmented or delayed, making the
internal fragmentation code to be never activated until the test is done
using two different computers.

Let me know if this solve the issue,

Thanks for reporting, Cheers! 


Francis Brosnan Blazquez <francis at aspl.es>
Advanced Software Production Line, S.L.

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