[Vortex] Some warnings to downgrade?

Francis Brosnan Blazquez francis at aspl.es
Wed Apr 9 10:28:27 CEST 2008

Hi Jens,

> I'm regularly seeing two "critical"- or "warning"-level log messages  
> from Vortex, that appear to indicate normal & harmless situations. I'd  
> like to confirm this, to make sure they aren't really indicating bugs  
> in my code.


> "closing a connection id=%d which is already opened with %d channels  
> opened.." (vortex_connection.c:2003)
>      This is logged whenever you call vortex_connection_close on an  
> open connection. (Even if there are zero open channels.)
> I think this should be lowered to "debug" level, like the comparable  
> message that's logged when closing a non-open connection.

This is definitely a debug log (in fact this is flagged as is at 1.1).

> "Seems that the next seq number to use is greater or equal than max  
> seq no (%d >= %d), which means that this channel (%d) is  
> stalled" (vortex_sequencer.c:250)
>      This appears to happen any time I send two or more messages in  
> rapid succession, before the socket has time to deliver them, if their  
> size adds up to 4k bytes or more. This doesn't indicate a problem,  
> right? In the case where this happens, my higher-level code has  
> generated some messages to send, which I queued until the connection  
> and channel finished opening; then I dump all the queued messages into  
> the channel at once, resulting in this warning.

Ok. Seems fine moving this log from warning to debug (since it is really
common). Fixed also at 1.1.

Thanks for reporting Jens. Cheers!

> Thanks,
> —Jens
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