[Vortex] connection & channel creation sequence

Robert M. Münch robert.muench at robertmuench.de
Wed Apr 16 15:47:42 CEST 2008

Hi, within my listener I use "vortex_connection_notify_new_connections" to  
set a handler that is called AFTER (that's what I assume) a connection has  
been setup and is ready to be used.

What I want to implement is that the client & server use the same profiles  
and both create 5 channels to the other on successful connection. What I  
have done looks like this:

0. Server starts, registers some profiles and gets into listen mode

1. Client creates connection to server

2. Server accepts connection

3a. Client register profiles and creates a bunch of new channels
3b. Server creates a bunch of new channels

Step 3a and 3b can run in parallel. I have run into problems and I think  
the source comes from the server wants to create a channel using a profile  
where the client isn't yet ready. But I don't know what "not ready" means  
in this situation, is it because profiles are not registered on the client  

How can this be synchronized?

I have solved it by creating the channels from server to client after  
recieving a message from client. But I'm not sure if this approach is the  
right one or if the usage pattern of the library has something different  
in mind?

Thanks a lot. Robert

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