[Vortex] [BUG] missing gsasl_free calls

Jens Alfke jens at mooseyard.com
Tue Apr 22 16:44:25 CEST 2008

On 22 Apr '08, at 12:57 AM, Benoit Amiaux wrote:

> I'm just reporting a bug I've found which is that every pointer
> allocated by the gsasl library is currently deallocated using  
> axl_free.
> It forces people to use the exact same compiler version when using  
> both
> libvortex and gsasl as DLL, to avoid immediate heap corruption due to
> different C runtime versions.

I definitely agree this should be fixed; but to clarify, it sounds  
like it would only cause problems on platforms where malloc is part of  
a static library that differs by compiler; AFAIK that's only true of  
Windows. On OS X (and I think Linux) the C library is part of a DLL  
shared by all code.

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