[Vortex] Vortex dropping connections.

Benoit Amiaux b.amiaux at ateme.com
Thu Feb 7 16:26:43 CET 2008


Mark Kane wrote:
> vortex-channel: Received a rpy request for message 89783912 while 
> already waiting to reply to 89783864, storing and unlocking caller for 
> later deliver
> vortex-channel: found pending reply=88735336 to be sent on channel=88735288

I'm not sure whether it's the proper behaviour from BEEP, but I've found 
out that whenever you reply to messages in disorder, vortex will shut 
down the connection (instead of storing the reply and waiting the 
previous one).
As I'm sending hundred of messages per second, it's not acceptable so I 
added some kind of FIFO for replies on top of vortex that force the 
replies to be sent in correct order.

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