[Vortex] Vortex dropping connections.

Francis Brosnan Blazquez francis at aspl.es
Thu Feb 7 16:41:44 CET 2008

> Hi,

Hi Benoit,

> Mark Kane wrote:
> > vortex-channel: Received a rpy request for message 89783912 while 
> > already waiting to reply to 89783864, storing and unlocking caller for 
> > later deliver
> > vortex-channel: found pending reply=88735336 to be sent on channel=88735288
> I'm not sure whether it's the proper behaviour from BEEP, but I've found 
> out that whenever you reply to messages in disorder, vortex will shut 
> down the connection (instead of storing the reply and waiting the 
> previous one).
> As I'm sending hundred of messages per second, it's not acceptable

This has two sides: yes, BEEP requires to reply in the same orderas
messages are received, and yes, Vortex do implement a mechanism to
detect, store and unlock the caller for those replies out of order. See
vortex_channel.c:2264 (1.0) and vortex_channel.c:2327 (1.1).

>  so I 
> added some kind of FIFO for replies on top of vortex that force the 
> replies to be sent in correct order.

Definitely, this code shouldn't be required unless there is a bug in the
vortex engine or in the application on top if it...In fact there is a
regression test to check this situation (test_11). I'll check this test
since it can be more aggressive. 


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