[Vortex] MinGW & vortex lib problems

Robert M. Münch robert.muench at robertmuench.de
Sun Feb 24 11:07:59 CET 2008

Hi all, I'm new to the vortex lib stuff and just try to get it compiled  
with MinGW. I have some problems to get it through. Here are my problems:

- AXL: The makefile.win references a programm "lib.exe" which isn't  
included in the MinGW distribution. In MinGW there is LD which seems to be  
able to create dynamic and static libs. What's this "lib.exe" line meant  

- Unfortunately the necessary depending link libraries for the vortex lib  
seem not to be given so that a bunch of "undefined reference" errors  
appear. I have found out to link with "libcrtdll.a" fomr MinGW helps. But  
there are still some undefined references left:
	- stat
	- close
	- read
	- open
	- vsnprintf

Any idea what mingw lib I need to link to? I'm not yet an expert with  

Some comments someone from ASPL might add the vortex lib documentation  
pages, that others might help to make the first steps simpler.

- It would help if the expected directory names for the dependend  
libraries are mentioned somewhere. The vortex makefile.win references to  
the directory "libaxl" whereas the distributed AXL lib ZIP uses a  
different direcotry naming. So, just extracting the ZIP file with the  
directory name used won't work right out of the box.

- Within the AXL doc it is stated that the axl_config_win32.h has to be  
renamed. But it's tricky to find/remember, please add a comment to the  
libvortex doc as well. Makes live easier for others.

- The standard vortex distribution seems to have TLS, SALS, XML-RPC and  
TUNNEL profile activated by default. Commenting out the includes in  
"vortex.h" and the *.o files within the makefile.win seems to create a  
pure vortex version. Maybe it's better to start with a pure version or use  
some DEFINES to enable those optional things. I expect people first want  
to get the lib compiled with as few problems/dependencies as possible.

Thanks a lot for you help.

Robert M. Münch

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