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Thu Jan 31 02:34:19 CET 2008

But I guess having a timeout could be implemented on a per profile basis, although it is clearly a BEEP security issue...


PS: humm yes I need to update these Gentoo ebuilds ^^

> Hi,
> > I fully agree with that, your suggestion of a new 
> > vortex_connection_close with a timeout is the best compromise. I'm 
> > currently using vortex_connection_shutdown only, as getting locked by 
> > rogue peers isn't an option for my application but it also means i'm 
> > never giving any connection a chance to get closed properly.
> Ok. Let me see how it would be to modify vortex_connection_close to fail
> after some configurable-period, leaving the application to then do a
> shutdown or the desired error handling....
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