[Vortex] problem compiling libaxl-0.5.3

dexter dexter at koli.kando.hu
Thu Jul 10 13:28:54 CEST 2008

I've got it! :)

I had an environment variable called GREP_OPTION set to "-n --color"
because I'm using grep a lot and I like to see the output in color, and 
with linenumbers. BUT, the configure script uses grep to make c sources 
to test compilers etc... in those c sources linenumbers were also 
generated into because of my GREP_OPTIONS...


So anyone bumps into this problem, check the GREP_OPTIONS environment 
variable :)


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> Subject: [Vortex] problem compiling libaxl-0.5.3
> Hi there,
> I've a problem compiling axl lib 0.5.3. When I run make I got this:

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