[Vortex] General Vortex Library / BEEP concept questions

Robert M. Münch robert.muench at robertmuench.de
Fri Mar 28 18:05:32 CET 2008

Hi, as I'm new to all this BEEP stuff and just making my first steps with  
the Vortex library I have some questions that I hope somebody of you can  
help me with:

1. Client/Server: Am I right, that BEEP clients and servers are talking  
widly in a "request/response" model? So, the client is mostly the one  
initiating a request and the server returns some answer.

Is it possible to setup a connection from a client to a server and than  
have the server start a request? I think it should, because when  
registering a Profile, a frame-recieved handler can be specified. And this  
is possible on the client and server.

2. I have a problem to create a binding to a scripting language. I use  
REBOL. The problem is that the interpreter crashes with a "stack overflow"  
as soon as a REBOL callback is called from inside a vortex callback.

For example: I have a C level funciton to start a listening server, which  
of course specifies an "on_accept" callback. The "on_accept" function  
calls the scripting language callback. And this crashes.

Calling the scripting language callback directly from the function to  
start the listing server works.

Is Vortex doing anything between the register call and the callback call  
that could cause a "stack overflow" error in the interpreter?

Robert M. Münch

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