[Vortex] How to correctly close a connection?

Robert M. Münch robert.muench at robertmuench.de
Fri Oct 17 13:35:23 CEST 2008

Am 17.10.2008, 13:12 Uhr, schrieb Robert M. Münch  
<robert.muench at robertmuench.de>:

>> Try to check which are the keys stored and the associated data by using
>> vortex_hash_foreach, as you are doing with:
>> 	// traverse the hash
>> 	vortex_hash_foreach(client_connection->data, hash_debug, NULL);
> Hi, when using this code I get an GCC error message:
> "error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type"
> I'm compiling with -std=c99 option. I googled for this error message but
> there is no obvious cause for it.
> Any idea to this one?

I compiled with -E and I can see this line in the output:

	# 259 "/usr/local/include/vortex/vortex_types.h"
	typedef struct _VortexConnection VortexConnection;

But this is the only reference to _VortexConnection. Seems that the struct  
definition isn't included. Strange thing. I', including <vortex.h> in my  

Robert M. Münch
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