[Vortex] [ANN] Turbulence 0.3.2 'Vicarious' release is ready!

Francis Brosnan Blazquez francis at aspl.es
Tue Feb 3 12:32:16 CET 2009

                     -= Turbulence 0.3.2 =-
                      "Vicarious release"       

Release note

  Advanced Software Production Line is proud to announce the
  Turbulence 0.3.2 "Vicarious" release: an open source BEEP
  application server, written on top of Vortex Library 1.1.

  Turbulence is a BEEP server extensible through modules and allows to
  implement server side profiles that are used and combined later with
  other profiles through run time configuration.

  Turbulence is written to make easy to develop and deploy BEEP
  profiles, allowing developers to provide a convenient configuration
  interface to site administrators and end users.

  Check out the following links to get ready with Turbulence:

    - http://www.aspl.es/turbulence
      [Turbulence homepage]

    - http://www.aspl.es/vortex
      [Vortex Library homepage]
    - http://www.sf.net/projects/vortexlibrary
      [Sources and binaries]

    - http://www.beepcore.org
      [BEEP Core community web site]

    - http://www.aspl.es/xml
      [Axl Library, XML 1.0 implementation]
The release in short
  General update to make turbulence to use Vortex Library 1.1
  API. First release with support to run Turbulence on Windows.

  Several bugs and minor changes to make Turbulence more usable.

Change notifications

Changes since the 0.3.0

* [fix] Added initial changes to make turbulence to be compilable on
  windows. More work required.

* [fix] Making the base library to add an special search path if
  windows platform is detected. Updated main entry point to show
  parameters configured if provided --conf-location (SYSCONFDIR,

* [fix] mod-sasl: Updated installation process and file names to not
  overwrite existing sasl configuration installed on the
  system. Making configuration files and auth backend to be installed
  as examples.

* [fix] Initial changes to fully compile the turbulence project, and
  properly run regression test on windows. Nice!

* [new] Adding module xml pointers for win32.

* [fix] Updated source code to better support windows platform.
* [fix] Updated default turbulence.example.conf to fix an error and to
  include the default directory used on windows.

* [fix] Updated turbulence main module to hold all its global
  information into a single configurable structure. Removing library

* [fix] Removed changes previously done..

* [fix] Flagging all variables as static.

* [fix] More updates to the turbulence engine to make its private data
  to be controlled by a context object.

* [fix] More changes to make the turbulence engine store store its
  state into a single object.

* [fix] More changes to change turbulence to a context model.

* [fix] More changes to make turbulence fully context based. Several
  API updated to make the server to use a particular context created.

* [fix] More changes and API to make turbulence engine to be
  state-less, entirely driven by TurbulenceCtx.

* [fix] Updated turbulence db-list API to store the context that
  created the list (internally) to later use it.

* [fix] Updated turbulence module API to store the context that
  created the module to later use it.

* [fix] Making turbulence regression test to properly compile
  and execute. 

* [fix] Making mod-test to use the new interface to receive a
  configure the turbulence and vortex context.

* [fix] More fixing to the tool to support the new context based
  model.  Include some code to produce the module pointer for the
  windows platform.

* [fix] More updates to make turbulence to work with the new context
  based model, integrating all changes done. Still not fully working..

* [fix] Fixed not properly handling while opening db-list twice.

* [fix] making vortex_init_ctx to not configure the context

* [fix] Restored -ansi flag.

* [fix] Fixed xml-rpc-gen which wasn't initializing vortex support
  cleanup API. Fixed some calls to axl_stream_get_until_ref

* [fix] General update to make the turbulence to use the new 1.1 API
  provided by Vortex.

* [fix] Fixed bug inside turbulence connection manager which was
  causing to segfault on broadcast.

* [fix] Updated pkg-config file to require vortex-1.1 rather than

* [fix] General update to the initialization code. Updated some
  startup path to better fit to windows.

* [new] Unified turbulence datadir and sysconfdir location through two
  functions configured at compilation time. API added:

   - turbulence_sysconfdir
   - turbulence_datadir

* [fix] Updated all turbulence code (modules and libraries) using the
  SYSCONFDIR and TBC_DATADIR variable, replacing them with new
  functions added.

* [fix] Fixed tbc-dblist-mgr to properly configure the default search
  path. Bug exposed by the windows platform.

* [fix] Commiting missing Makefile.win files...

* [fix] mod-sasl: fixing wrong remote-admins.xml base file creation
  inside Makefile.win.

* [fix] Updated Makefile.am files to remove the reference to DATADIR,
  making all the code to use the turbulence_datadir () function.

* [fix] More updates to the Makefile.am files to remove references to
  -DSYSCONFDIR no longer valid. Updated modules to include into the
  distribution all *.win32.xml files (module pointers).

* [fix] Updating source code due to change notification inside vortex.
  Updated Makefile.am process to get a reference to new
  vortex-tunnel-1.1 location.

* [fix] Several updates to conform changes on Vortex 1.1 API.

* [fix] Updated documentation adding missing modules (turbulence ctx).

* [fix] Moved all project files to utf-8 encoding.

* [new] Added support to TurbulenceCtx type to store arbitrary user
  defined data. API added:

   - turbulence_ctx_set_data
   - turbulence_ctx_set_data_full
   - turbulence_ctx_get_data

* [fix] Fixed turbulence_create_dir which wasn't using a proper mode
  value while calling to mkdir.

* [fix] Fixed profile path implementation to take advantage of the
  change introduced (vortex-profile-mask-func-01).

* [fix] Making turbulence to use the new component
  libvortex-xml-rpc-1.1.  Updated mod-sasl code to use new XML-RPC

* [fix] General update to the turbulence mod-sasl code to use the new
  sasl independent component.

* [fix] General update to make turbulence to conform the new API
  provided by vortex-1.1.

* [fix] Fixed autoconf installation to include sasl example files.
  Updated autoconfigure notification about missing libpcre to warn the
  user with the features that will be disabled.

* [fix] Renamed config.dtd and db-list.dtd into turbulence-config.dtd
  and turbulence-db-list.dtd to support being included in-line.

* [new] mod-sasl: updated mod-sasl to support dropping connections
  that have an attempt to log with an account disabled
  (accounts-disabled). Added support to limit number of tries for SASL
  logins until the connection is dropped (max-allowed-tries).

* [new] mod-sasl: Updated sasl-radmin.idl definition to check if a user
  before creating the account. Updated common-sasl module to also check

* [new] mod-sasl: Making mod-sasl to also support clean-start feature.

* [new] mod-sasl: Making mod-sasl to include the DTD inlined
  (common-sasl.dtd) to avoid placing code to locate this (and to
  bundle with binaries).

* [new] tbc-mod-gen: Making the tool to include the DTD inside the

* [fix] Disabled libexarg dependency, now included at compilation
  time. This will save people from including a library with two
  files. Updated Makefiles to allow updating them.

* [new] Updated turbulence-db-list module to inline DTD used to
  validate lists loaded. Now the code do not require an external DTD
  to work.

* [new] Moved clean-start attribute into the context (TurbulenceCtx)
  to avoiding making several context to use the same value.

* [new] General update into the profile path module to move the
  regular expression support into a new module allowing not only the
  ppath module to use it but modules extending turbulence. API added:

   - TurbulenceExpr (type)
   - turbulence_expr_compile
   - turbulence_expr_match
   - turbulence_expr_free

* [new] Making turbulence-config to load its DTD from an inline
  definition created and maintained by axl-knife.

* [fix] Fixed turbulence finalization to avoid stopping the API after
  module unload and similar situations (handlers accessing to memory
  regions not available).

* [new] Making turbulence module loading to also validate xml module
  pointers with a in-line DTD. Moved into the public API, directory
  module loading function. API added:

   - turbulence_run_load_modules_from_path

* [new] Moved clean-start checking into the public API to allow
  turbulence modules to also implement clean start. API added:

   - CLEAN_START (macro, simple access)
   - turbulence_run_check_clean_start (implementation).

* [fix] Making turbulence server to activate debug, with terminal
  colors if --color-debug is found (no longer requiring to also
  provide --debug).

* [fix] Updated configure process to make no longer required to have
  libexarg installed. Making libpcre to be a required dependency
  rather optional like until now. Several fixings into the regression

* [fix] mod-sasl: committing change into dtd to allow defining
  serverName domain to which applies the sasl auth backend.

* [fix] Committing changes to compile on windows and run regression

* [fix] Updates to conform axl-bool-removal-01 change notification.

* [fix] Making turbulence to force using new axl and vortex versions.
  Updated mod-tunnel to avoid using vortex_tunnel_is_enabled. Function
  no longer available.

* [new] Added portable unlink function. API added:

  - turbulence_unlink

* [fix] mod-sasl: making remote administration to be disabled if
  remote is configured to "no", even having a DB configured.

* [fix] mod-sasl: updating sasl-radmin xml-rpc files due to updates on

* [fix] Removing BOSH references...

* [new] Added initial support for debian packages.

* [new] Added support to start in background (--detach option).

* [fix] More debian package fixings.

* [new] Added initial support for --pidfile which allows to configure
  a file where the effective process identifier will be placed.

* [fix] Fixed configuration example to be usable without modification.

* [new] Adding turbulence init.d file

* [fix] Fixed SIGHUP handling for server reconfiguration. The signal
  wasn't armed after handling the signal.

* [new] Making turbulence to create a pidfile used by init scripts to
  better support service stop/start.

* [new] Added initial working init.d script for turbulence.

* [fix] Initial finished support for debian packages for turbulence.

* [fix] Minor changes to remove false/true references replaced by

* [new] Added new macro to drop startup errors to console without
  taking into consideration debug configuration (so the user always
  get this information).  Used this macro to flag all critical startup
  errors. API added:

   - abort_error

* [fix] General changes to make turbulence to compile and run
  on microsoft windows. Updated installer to include latest 
  pieces from vortex and axl. Included missing compilation of
  tbc-sasl-conf tool.

About Us

  ASPL (Advanced Software Production Line) is a Spanish company that
  provides services and support to introduce open source products into

  It has more than 8 years of experience and its main development line
  is to provide software development and support to install GNU/Linux
  enterprise servers.

  Contact us, English or Spanish, to get commercial support and/or
  BEEP based development services.

  You can reach us:

       http://www.aspl.es - info at aspl.es

Francis Brosnan Blázquez           - francis at aspl.es
Advanced Software Production Line  - http://www.aspl.es
3th feb 2009, Madrid (Spain)

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