[Vortex] Linking Problem (SASL/TLS prebuilt binaries + VC2005)

Maxim Reality itsmekissme at gmail.com
Fri Feb 20 20:26:46 CET 2009


I am now trying to change my code to use new 1.1 version of Vortex,
but encountered some problems with TLS and SASL support. I get some
unresolved symbols when linking against prebuilt libvortex-1.1.lib,
libvortex-tls-1.1.lib and libvortex-sasl-1.1.lib libraries.

"error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "int __cdecl
vortex_sasl_accept_negotiation(struct _VortexCtx *,char const *)"
(?vortex_sasl_accept_negotiation@@YAHPAU_VortexCtx@@PBD at Z) referenced
in ..."

Any ideas on that? Should I try to build the Vortex source myself?
It's strange that the main vortex lib seems to be ok, though.

Another problem I'm having is that the two callbacks for finding
certificates and private key file locations do not have any user data
field (axlPointer user_data) defined and this causes me trouble since
I am using 'user_data' to store "this" pointer of a class for proper
encapsulation (redirecting functions callbacks to methods). I have a
Vortex context as a class member and thus need a this pointer to
access it. This was not a problem earlier, since there were no concept
of separate contexts before. I could kludge this by using a static
variable, but would prefer doing it the right way (so I guess what I'm
asking is that whether we could change the callback signature to
contain user_data as a last parameter). What do you think?

To sum up what I have done so far in order to get Vortex 1.0 code to
compile as 1.1 is:

1. Changed negociate in some function names to negotiate.
2. Changed initialization to use vortex context
3. Added context as a first parameter for all function calls.
4. Had to make a kludge to provide the correct context for certificate
and private key file locations as no user_data is provided with the
5. Added #include statements for vortex TLS and SASL headers.
6. Changed to use Vortex 1.1 lib and aded 1.1 TLS and SASL libs as well
7. The code compiles now fine but get unresolved linker errors.

Thanks in advance for any help,


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