[Vortex] [BUG] Regression tests on windows

Benoit Amiaux benoit.amiaux at gmail.com
Thu Sep 23 11:48:24 CEST 2010


Here are the results of regression tests on windows

* test_01h:
   libc runtime assertion on result = write(socket, string,
strlen(string)) with string = "RPY\n"

* test_02m2:
   random memory corruptions when releasing pointers
   it doesn't always happen so it looks like a race-condition

* test 04-e
   Test 04-e: file size received: 348194
   Unable to properly read the file, size expected to read 359357,
wasn't fulfilled
   ERROR (8): found md5 differs..
   Test 04-e: check payload feeder support [ FAILED ]

* Test 15 (ALIVE)
   Note that there is a glitch in test number 15/16 between ALIVE and HTTP
   Test 16: checking alive with check-perid=20000, and unreply count=0
   Test 16: expected proper channel creation while checking alive profile..
   Test 15: Check ALIVE profile [ FAILED ]

   Sometimes this test pass.

* test 16 (HTTP)
   ERROR: unable to create connection to localhost:443, error found
(code: 1): An error have happen while reading contentTest 16: Check
HTTP CONNECT implementation [ FAILED ]

* test 15 a (HTTP)
   Test 15-a: checking HTTP CONNECT implementation..
   ERROR: failed to create connection under HTTP CONNECT..
   Test 16-a: Check HTTP CONNECT implementation (run tests under HTTP

Furthermore, there was a memory corruption in TLS module which is
fixed in attached patch.

Benoît Amiaux
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