[Vortex] [BUG] Regression tests on windows

Francis Brosnan Blázquez francis at aspl.es
Fri Sep 24 12:24:58 CEST 2010

> Hello,

Hi Benoit,

> Here are the results of regression tests on windows


> * test_01h:
>    libc runtime assertion on result = write(socket, string,
> strlen(string)) with string = "RPY\n"

Not sure why this happens. The test can't be simplier. Which tool are
you using to track execution? We use valgrind and it reports no
problem... :-?

> * test_02m2:
>    random memory corruptions when releasing pointers
>    it doesn't always happen so it looks like a race-condition

Do you have a backtrace report? Seems to be a windows specific issue.

> * test 04-e
>    Test 04-e: file size received: 348194
>    Unable to properly read the file, size expected to read 359357,
> wasn't fulfilled
>    ERROR (8): found md5 differs..
>    Test 04-e: check payload feeder support [ FAILED ]

Do you receive this error with latest svn?

> * Test 15 (ALIVE)
>    Note that there is a glitch in test number 15/16 between ALIVE and HTTP

Sure. It was added the alive test at the end but later we found it was
better to leave as latest test the HTTP proxy support for those that do
not have an HTTP proxy to do the check. Is this what you mean?

>    Test 16: checking alive with check-perid=20000, and unreply count=0
>    Test 16: expected proper channel creation while checking alive profile..
>    Test 15: Check ALIVE profile [ FAILED ]
>    Sometimes this test pass.

This test depends on timing and how execution accomplish tasks measured.
It is possible that your debugger is causing some delay that is found as
and error.

> * test 16 (HTTP)
>    ERROR: unable to create connection to localhost:443, error found
> (code: 1): An error have happen while reading contentTest 16: Check
> HTTP CONNECT implementation [ FAILED ]

For this test you'll have to run a HTTP proxy on localhost or configure
the address of the proxy to use to get the test working. See help header
printed by vortex-regression-client for instructions.

> * test 15 a (HTTP)
>    Test 15-a: checking HTTP CONNECT implementation..
>    ERROR: failed to create connection under HTTP CONNECT..
>    Test 16-a: Check HTTP CONNECT implementation (run tests under HTTP

See previous comment.

> Furthermore, there was a memory corruption in TLS module which is
> fixed in attached patch.

Thanks for the path Benoit. It is now applied. Cheers!

> Regards,
> Benoît Amiaux
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