[Vortex] pull api + tls, missing connection closed event

KTamas ktamas at balabit.hu
Tue Aug 30 18:59:39 CEST 2011


The problem seems to be that when a TLS connection is being initiated, a 
new VortexConnection is created but the CONNECTION_STAGE_POST_CREATED 
action is omitted. This action is used by the PULL API to set the close 
notification callback on connections 
(vortex_pull_register_close_connection) so it can issue the 
corresponding event.

As a workaround, registering manually the vortex_pull_connection_closed 
on the connection created by TLS, the close event is issued correctly by 

A solution might be to emit the CONNECTION_STAGE_POST_CREATED action in 
vortex_connection_actions_notify if an action's result is 2 (meaning a 
new connection is created), but it might cause a problem with auto_tls, 
which also uses the CONNECTION_STAGE_POST_CREATED to automatically 
create a new TLS connection. Maybe it should check for tlsficated 


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