[Vortex] Rebol Script-Binding / Callback Problem

Sam Roberts vieuxtech at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 18:00:34 CET 2011

>> because its threading is hidden internally and not revealed through
>> the api. Binding to it is easy, so zmq is taking off.
> ...ok, but as everything, it has another side; zmq model, forces you to
> pull for data from the API, you don't have any async notification....if
> you want to cancel a wait for data operation that never comes..surprise
> you can't! ..so your single threaded app is blocked for ever...

Some things are debatable, but this statement is flat out nonsensical.

> ...now wait, let's fix this, I'll create a separate thread to do all 0mq
> communication to avoid my app to get blocked when a single IO reply
> don't come.....so, what's the point?

What are you saying? You've never heard of select()/poll(), or their
modern highly-scalable
equivalents such as kevent?

Solving the problem you describe above without threads was my first
O/S programming assignment.

> In the other hand, I think it is easier to build a binding for a product
> that only has 10 or so API functions, don't you think?

Many of the bindings are created automatically, the lack of callbacks
and threads is what makes it easy, not the number of functions.


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