[Vortex] Vortex API to wait for messages to be completely written to socket

subrahmanya sum.sagar at gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 11:06:18 CEST 2012


Vortex send APIs are asynchronous in nature. I see that SEND APIs (APIs to
send MSG or any type of reply) simply add the message to queue maintained
by sequencer thread. This means that if an application invokes a SEND API
it is not guaranteed that message is actually written to socket. Is there a
way for application to find out when the complete message is written to

I searched vortex code to look for such an API and found the following API
"vortex_channel_wait_until_sent". Does this API provide the same
functionality that I am looking for? If so, is the API intended to work
only for messages of type MSG or to messages of type RPY, ANS etc as
well? The API documentation says it is an internal API but still it is
defined .def file so I am assuming it can be used.

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