[Vortex] TLS Failure Segfault (cont.)

Michael Sola msola at tresys.com
Thu Dec 20 18:44:35 CET 2012


I was testing the latest 1.1.12 release to confirm that TLS negotiation no longer segfaults on failure, but we're still seeing the same problem Jason Dana came across in the 1.1.11 build.

Attached is the code for a simple client and server pair that reproduces the problem and a README that elaborates more on our testing and the issue itself.

As a quick review, the segfault occurs during a logging event after a failed TLS connection attempt and subsequent call to vortex_connection_is_ok with free_on_fail set to true (auto_tls is enabled and failures aren't allowed). A gdb trace shows a bad, non-NULL connection pointer being passed around and referenced internally well after TLS has failed and the connection terminated.

We aren't entirely sure how to fix this ourselves without potentially compromising other Vortex functionality, so we thought it'd be best to pass along our findings in the hopes someone more savvy in the codebase and underlying protocol could readily see the best way to handle things.

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