[Vortex] Build questions & strange crash

"Robert M. Münch" robert.muench at robertmuench.de
Sat Jul 7 01:47:44 CEST 2012

Hi, after a long time I try to catch up to the latest vortex & axl release. But I face a couple of problems. My platform is MINGW on Windows-7.

1. I think I somehow screwed up different version of vortex I use in my projects because this simple code already crashes my application. It worked in the past:

	ctx = vortex_ctx_new();

		// unable to initialize the Vortex Library
		return false;

The code crashes at vortex_init_ctx(). The vortex code is linked into a DLL which is used from a scripting language I made a binding to.

2. Ok, so I thought let's do a new compile of axl and vortex to get to the latest state. So far it works, but there are no static libraries generated. I saw a reference to static_lib in the windows makefile but it seems it's not used.

So, how can I create static libs for axl and vortex? This would simplify my build setup tremendously.


Robert M. Münch

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