[Vortex] connection IDs

Jens Alfke jens at mooseyard.com
Tue Apr 22 16:59:04 CEST 2008

On 22 Apr '08, at 3:14 AM, Robert M. Münch wrote:

> Hi, hmm... I'm wondering why not connection ID is included in the
> greetings message. Wouldn't be that hard to implement IMO. For me the
> listener should be the one issuing connection IDs for reference.

But what use would it be to the remote peer? It wouldn't be unique to  
it, any more than the local peer's file descriptor would be. (For  
example a client might connect to a number of servers each of which  
decides on a connection ID of 1.)

> Example: I have a bunch of processors attached to my BEEP listener  
> via a
> simple socket connection. Hence the external apps need to know from  
> whom a
> message was recieved and where an answer should go to. I'm not
> implementing all app protocol handling in one BEEP enabled  
> application.

It sounds like your server is routing messages from one client to  
another? In that case you'll need to somehow assign the clients IDs,  
and prefix each message with the ID of the originating client. This  
has nothing to do with Vortex's connection IDs, though. The client ID  
should ideally be persistent, so if a connection drops and is re- 
opened, the client ID remains the same. Otherwise other clients would  
get confused about the change in numbering.

> For example: I have one processor that handles file synchronization.  
> As
> soon as something needs to be synced the listener will initiate a
> filetransfer. This processor just states: transfer-file ABC to XYZ.
> And I need to know the XYZ.

Yeah, this is something you'll have to invent at the application level  
of the protocol. BEEP and Vortex can't help you there.

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