[Vortex] PATCH: Search-path initialization for OS X framework

Francis Brosnan Blazquez francis at aspl.es
Mon Mar 10 20:04:57 CET 2008

Hi Jens,

Because finding DTD at the initialization of vortex seems to be a common
issue that causes some headache, I've updated vortex library (both
branches) to include a C inline representation from DTD used. See [1]. 

In any case thanks for reporting Jens. Cheers!

[1] http://lists.aspl.es/pipermail/vortex/2008-March/000403.html

> There's a patch to vortex.c that I needed to make, to support  
> packaging Vortex as an OS X framework. The framework's directory needs  
> to be added to Vortex's search path, because that's where the DTD  
> files are. But there's a chicken-and-egg problem, because client code  
> can't change the search path until Vortex is initialized, but that  
> initialization fails if it can't find the DTD files.
> So I modified the initialization code to use the CFBundle API to  
> locate the framework's directory and add it to the search path. The  
> changes are conditionalized with #ifdef AXL_OS_DARWIN, similarly to  
> the conditional compilation for Windows support.
> Here's the patch. Without this, the framework built by the Xcode  
> project I submitted earlier today will build, but won't run.
> —Jens
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